Notification number:F-17-578

VOIPACK JAPAN was awarded the “Growing IT Venture Company “ prize by Okayama Prefecture in 2004.
VOIPACK JAPAN was awarded the “From Okayama! One and Only Business Model” by Okayama Prefecture
in 2005.

Address: Yanagimachi1-3-4,kita-ku,Okayama, Okayama,  Japan

Connect: TEL:+81-050-5527-2158 FAX:+81-86-238-9187

Date of the establishment: 2004 January 23

Amount of stated capital : JP\ 17million

Description of business: Provide domestic and international phone call services
Value-added services based on our phone call systems

Corporate philosophy::
Continue to provide better and cheaper services

Our Strengths:
Cell-phone call network within and between Japan, China, Taiwan
1: International direct free calls from Japan and China
Your customers in Japan and China can make direct free calls to your call centers
in any countries.
2: For Japanese, Chinese and Taiwanese customers:
They can make and receive international calls like local calls anywhere in the world.
3: Sales network

Telephone services:
1. International free call
2. Fixed amount international mobile calls between Japan, China, Taiwan and Hong Kong
3. Rental mobile phone
4. Callback
Cloud services:
1. CRM and call center
2. Automatic telephone secretary

1. Cheap line
2. Capital participation
3. Value-added phone services